DynaComm helps organizations and individuals maximize their communication capabilities through best-in-class executive speech and presentation coaching, speech writing, and executive positioning. The outcome is enhanced credibility, improved company image, audience understanding of your core messages, and polished executive presence – all critical to the success of your business.

DynaComm uses over 20 years of communications consulting and business expertise to help clients achieve top-notch communication delivery and performance so they can create sustainable value for their customers and key audiences.

DynaComm has a unique way of doing things – helping clients build communication capabilities that inspire, inform and engage – and turning that into a competitive advantage by establishing trust with key audiences through effective communication planning, message and delivery, all of which will help drive positive business outcomes.

Marianne GoochMarianne Gooch is the founder of DynaComm LLC, a Houston-based consulting firm that provides strategic communications counseling that informs, inspires and engages key audiences. Marianne possesses a unique blend of over 20 years’ experience in communications and business dynamics. She understands and effectively integrates communication strategies that drive positive business outcomes. Her clients include individuals and companies in the oil and gas, healthcare, finance and government industries.


Marianne has a BA in Speech Communication from the University of Houston and an Executive MBA from C.T. Bauer College of Business from the University of Houston.