...Speak with PURPOSE
    ...Speak with CONFIDENCE
       ...Speak with ELOQUENCE

Become a better business communicator by breaking through personal barriers that will take your public speaking skills to the next level. DynaComm’s executive speech coaching helps you create and deliver speeches and presentations that are special to you and your audience.

Whether you’re making a business presentation to your employees, delivering a speech at a conference, or sharing news through a video or live feed, DynaComm works with you every step of the way to perfect your message and strengthen your speaking skills. You will see an immediate improvement in your ability to connect with, motivate and inspire your audience.

Take full advantage of your moment in the spotlight. Your public speaking skills will help you stand out and showcase your ideas and leadership. You can do it!




Speeches are special for both you and your audience. DynaComm helps you plan, prepare, and deliver an effective speech that will inspire and engage your audience. Whether you are a communications pro, a human resource executive, or a business leader who needs to convey a message, the time will come when you need to write a speech for yourself or for someone else.


Here’s how DynaComm can help.


Establish Goals Upfront

Is your speech meant to persuade, inform, or educate. What do you want your audience to think, feel, and do after hearing your speech? Audience Analysis: We analyze the audience. We know who is attending the event, why they’re there, and what they want to take away from the event. We learn about the audience demographics, such as their attitude and knowledge toward the subject matter.


Choose Your Core Message

The most important part of any speech is to always know your topic. We will work with you to focus on making a connection with your audience by making your core message relevant to them.



We research information, gather notes, conduct interviews and connect the ideas in a way that will provide the perfect flow and structure to your speech.


Deliver Your Message

We give your speech rhythm. A good speech has the right pace. We vary the sentence structure using long sentences, mixed with short sentences for greater emphasis. We repeat key words and phrases for greater emphasis, and also include appropriate quotes to emphasize your key points. We intersperse rhetorical devices that keep the attention of your audience. At the end, we have them wanting more!




DynaComm will help build your brand through Thought Leadership and Executive Positioning.

We will help you and others on your senior leadership team add value to your organization by enhancing and building a positive perception of your company.


Here’s our three-step process:

1. Secure speaking engagements for you and members of your leadership team that places you in front of potential customers, investors, officials and other key stakeholders.


2. Leverage media by engaging with top-tier and trade editors and reporters. This will enable you to share your insights and perspectives on topics that help elevate your company.


3. Cultivate an online presence through social media platforms that tie together your key messages.