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Why You Should Hire A Speechwriter

by | Feb 24, 2020

When Your Speech Matters, Writing It Well Matters.

Writing a speech is a perfect example of rhetorical influence that guides your audience to buy into your brand, method, or idea. It is language used to convey a point or convince an audience. More than a speech, it’s a platform to advance your agenda, drive change, or elevate your reputation.

Speeches are special for both you and your audience. A speechwriter helps you plan, prepare, and deliver an effective speech that will inspire and engage your audience. Whether you are a communication pro or a business leader who needs to convey a message, the time will come when you need to write a speech for yourself or for someone else.

Here’s how a speechwriter can help:

Establish Goals Upfront. Is your speech meant to inform, persuade, or educate? What do you want your audience to think, feel and do after hearing your speech? A speechwriter will analyze the audience. You will then know who is attending the event, why they’re there, and what they want to take away from the event. Learning about the audience demographics, such as their attitude and knowledge toward a subject matter will enable the speechwriter to include language that is relevant, timely, and focused on the key points that are important to your audience.

Choose Your Core Message. Your core message is the central idea of your presentation. A speechwriter will develop speech elements that support your core message. More important, the speechwriter will aim for clarity and try to express your core message in a single sentence. If your core message is short and straight to the point, the audience can easily remember and repeat it, which is especially important if your goal is to persuade them.

Research. Research for your speech can be a time consuming and daunting task. Your speechwriter will research information, gather notes, conduct interviews and then connect the ideas in a way that will provide the perfect flow and structure to your speech. You can gain credibility with your audience by citing research in your speech that supports your core message and your main points. Research early, before you develop your main ideas. Doing this will ensure that you have adequate source material and information. You want to be sure that the main ideas in your speech will allow you to easily incorporate what you find into your speech.

Deliver Your Message. A speechwriter will give your speech rhythm. Why is this important? A good speech has the right pace, and a speechwriter varies the sentence structure using long sentences mixed with shorter sentences for greater emphasis. Your speechwriter will repeat key words and phrases for greater emphasis, and will also include appropriate quotes that emphasize your key points. A speechwriter will intersperse rhetorical devices that keep the attention of your audience. At the end, you’ll have them wanting more!

Take full advantage of your moment in the spotlight. Your speeches and your public speaking skills will help you stand out and showcase your ideas and leadership. You can do it!

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