Defining Your Measure of Career Success: Substance versus Style

Of all the skills used in business, communication is the most underestimated for its importance and for what it takes to become proficient. As a business leader, you are known for being direct and decisive; yet, can you also communicate with compassion?

Are you perceived as accessible and engaging? Or, are you known as tight with information, always playing it “close to the vest?” Are you capable of connecting emotionally with key stakeholders? If not, here are some key traits that will help you improve your leadership substance – and your success.

The very best leaders possess the following communication traits:

  • They are comfortable with themselves. What they might lack in charisma, they make up for in passion about communicating their message.
  • They are always audience-centered and can quickly adapt their message and style to various audiences.
  • They are outstanding storytellers. They use anecdotes to breathe life into their message.
  • They are fearless. They are visible and recognizable, communicating regularly with internal and external audiences.
  • They are students (if not masters) of digital and social media. They understand the power of virtual town hall meetings, webcasting, satellite interviews and email.

What communication traits define your measure of success?

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