Stepping into a New Leadership Role – Be Ready with a Communications Plan

As a business leader taking on a new role in the organization, it’s important to quickly establish and elevate your communications program – one to help influence stakeholders and achieve objectives.

Here’s how to execute a program that aligns with your core objectives:

  1. Define your priorities. What are the top five areas of focus, especially in your first 100 days?
  2. Identify primary audience. For each priority, define your audience and determine what is important to them.
  3. Develop critical messages. For each audience under a priority, there will be critical messages delivered at different times. Having a bank of messages to different audiences, clarified across a timeline can help you construct and deliver the messages as needed.
  4. Package your messages. Will the messages be communicated as a story or through a fact-based report or a dashboard?
  5. Message Deliverer. Determine early on who will deliver which message and to which appropriate audience.
  6. Select a channel. Selecting your channel depends on the stakeholder group. Does it make sense to communicate via email, yammer, or video to a global audience and make sense to visit a group of investors in person.
  7. Frequency. Knowing how often to reach your audience is key to success.
  8. Feedback. Gather it frequently so you can course correct along the way.



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